The Cyclefi Protocol introduces a pioneering approach to perpetual trading, incorporating advanced features to effectively tackle the distinctive challenges of the perpetual market landscape. Aligned with the principles of decentralized finance, Cyclefi maintains a community-driven foundation, deliberately steering clear of venture capital influence.

Dynamic Pricing Mechanism: Cyclefi adopts a liquidity curve-based pricing mechanism that dynamically adjusts to uphold equilibrium within the trading ecosystem. This ensures fair compensation for liquidity providers and provides traders with fee structures that accurately reflect the current liquidity, enhancing the overall trading experience.

Secure Account Abstraction Layer: At the heart of Cyclefi's design lies a focus on security and decentralization. The Account Abstraction layer integrates robust systems such as the Safe Smart Wallet, Web3Auth, and Gelato, delivering a secure and user-friendly trading experience with support for social media logins.

Auto-compounding Vaults (Pools): Cyclefi introduces auto-compounding vaults designed for liquidity providers, streamlining fee collection and redeposit processes without the need for manual intervention. This feature allows earnings to grow organically through the automatic reinvestment of fees and trader losses.

Diverse Hybrid Pools: The protocol implements separate pools for position collaterals and liquidity provisions, featuring stable vaults for assets like USDC and non-stable vaults for assets like ETH. These pools operate independently yet collaboratively, fostering the creation of diverse asset markets.

Straightforward Revenue Sharing: Cyclefi offers a simplified affiliate program, empowering partners to benefit from fees generated by their referrals. This accessible and versatile program even permits self-referral, allowing users to reduce opening fees and enhancing the overall inclusivity of the platform.

Unlimited Positions: Traders on Cyclefi enjoy the flexibility of holding an unlimited number of isolated positions in the same market, empowering them to implement a variety of trading strategies simultaneously. This feature sets Cyclefi apart by prioritizing trader empowerment and strategy diversity.

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