🤔What is Cycle Fi

Protocol, Interface & Token


The Cyclefi Protocol: A robust suite of immutable and non-upgradeable smart contracts, forming a system tailored for perpetual asset trading on-chain across EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

The Cyclefi Interface: Crafted for seamless interaction with the Cyclefi Protocol, this web interface stands as one of several gateways to access and leverage the protocol's functionalities.

The Cyclefi Token (CYF): Serving as the governance and utility token for the protocol, CYF empowers decentralized decision-making within the ecosystem. Cyclefi adopts a phased decentralization approach, focusing on specific domains such as integrating novel features and markets, charting the protocol's course, executing upgrades, and fine-tuning risk parameters. This strategic approach ensures the protocol's agility and adaptability in response to the ever-evolving market dynamics.

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